5-10% More Comfortable

Posted by Tamra Albright-Johnson on

When I was diagnosed with Covid, I was not able to sleep. Weeks prior to this, I had listened to a podcast about yoga nidra. I decided I would give it a try. When I searched on Insight Timer, I found Yoga Nidra for Sleep by Jennifer Piercy. She stated, “Notice if I could be 5-10% more comfortable in whatever position you have chosen.” I started thinking about all the times I am uncomfortable during the day and make no effort to correct my comfort. Some examples: I would have something wrong with my sock and leave it until I got ready for bed. I would wake up in the night and need to use the restroom. I would try to fall back to sleep so I did not have to get out of bed. I would be hungry and not eat because I was busy. There are so many examples. I decided I was going to make the change. I made the change by checking in with myself often. If I could be more comfortable, I would make the change. This has helped on so many levels. I have learned to constantly check in with my body and spirit. Afterall, the body is the temple for our soul. Why would I not want to make it a comfortable oasis of love and understanding! I no longer think about things. I do them. The other night I went to bed to have the clock ticking annoy me. I got up right away and took the batteries out of the clock. There are times I will be out in the world and feel energy that feels off or uncomfortable. I used to power through this and get it done. Now, I put my soul needs first and leave! It has been so easy and so transformative. It has also helped me get out of the place of complacency. So much of our time can be spent thinking about what needs to be done. It is like we are unable to make the change. Now, it is without thought to have action. I feel less bogged down with mental checklists. What is even more, I am more comfortable in every aspect of my day. This really has changed so much of my life. I thought it was important to share. 

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