About Us

Hello! Thanks for stopping by our online shop! My name is Tamra. I started this business a few years ago. As funny as it sounds to some, I was sick of losing stones. I would keep them in my pocket when possible; however, I rarely had that option at work so in my bra they would go! I started looking for stone jewelry. There was nothing I found that I liked. I started buying stones and wire wrapping them. While shopping at a local rock store, the owner said she was interested in selling what I was wearing! I was thrilled! I will always be thankful for the opportunity she gave me! As time went on, I got busy. Between selling online and keeping up with making jewelry, it was taking me hours to fill orders and make jewelry. That is when I knew I needed help. I couldn’t think of anyone better than my daughter. Kennie is like me with her love of stones. Fortunately, she is not like me when it comes to organization and streamlining processes. Together, we complete the needs for the business. 

We get it! There are times you are not just looking for any stone. You are looking for your stone! If you are shopping and do not see ‘your’ stone listed, reach out to us! We will get you photos of any other stones we have.

We want you to know the stone you buy will be the stone you receive. That is important to us when we are shopping for stones! We also cleanse and charge each stone prior to shipping. A gift box or gift bag will be included with your order as well as a description card. 

Great care is taken to ensure the ethical treatment of the people mining the stones as well as the earth as the stones are mined. The stones listed have been purchased from ethical sources. 

Disclaimer: We want you to have the best experience possible. We provide description cards that are based on folklore and not at all a guarantee of outcome or meant to replace medical treatment. Please consult a physician if you are in need of physical or mental help. 

Thank you for stopping by our shop!